Mountain Retreat OAR



Note for the new download : This is not in .zip format anymore. I now have this in .tgz format. This means that you can load this without having to unzip it. Just load it as you would an .oar file but instead of putting in filename.oar you willl put in filename.tgz for whatever OAR file you are trying to load.

This is a Mature Romantic sim. It’s a winter retreat. You get a house totally furnished with animations and accessories. Please note that the furniture contains kisses and cuddles and this sim is not for children.


I have created this sim using my own builds, animations, textures and such. This is a large file and may take awhile to download.  For instructions on how to load an OAR file go HERE. Below you can see a few snapshots of what the sim looks like.

Take this apart and use just what you need or use the whole sim just as it is. Do anything you want with any of it. It’s all free with no TOS and no Rules. Treat it as your own because once you download it then it will be your own 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content you offer to your grid. Once you download this you must make sure that you go through it and take out anything that doesn’t fit with the age group for your grid.


NOTE: Once the OAR is loaded on your grid you may need to reset scripts in the scripted items (poseballs, fountain, menu driven furniture). Edit the item and choose “tools” from the upper menu bar an then choose “reset scripts in selected”.




There is a problem when trying to download these OAR’s using the Safari web browser. The OAR has the extension of .tgz but when downloaded Safari automatically changes the extension to a .tar 

There are two ways you can handle this problem: 

1. The easier solution is to download the files using a different browser.

2. Or you can use the  Safari browswer if you want to, but you would have to disable this Preferences option: “General > Open “safe” files after downloading”. That prevents Safari from automatically extracting the TAR files from the TGZ files. However, it also prevents opening other files automatically, such as PDF

(special thanks to Ilan Tochner from Kitely for bringing this to my attention and providing me with the help with this issue)








 ~*~ 3060 Prims ~*~


The Retreat two story house
The dining room in the retreat house
The living room in the retreat house
The Kitchen in the retreat house
Even a little laundry area
The bathroom in the reatreat house
The bedroom is located upstairs in the loft. It’s a huge room and there is space for you to add more to it.
The bedroom has a double fireplace with seating on one side and a rug and cuddle pillows on the other side.
A retreat wouldn’t be complete without a hot tub.
Outside is the ice skating area with free ice skates that include a skating AO hud.
A ski lift that goes from the top of the mountain down to the level ground below. The lift doesn’t move but has sit on the seats. And I made ski’s and a ski AO hud that is free in a bag at the ski shack for you and your guests.
Near the water is a romantic little dance area with slow dances and snowflake lanterns hanging.
The view from the loft bedroom shows snowy trees and the ice skating pond.