These are all the original .bvh files for animations that I have created. Click on the picture to get the set that you want. Download it. Unzip it. Then you are ready to upload it to the grid of your choice.

Once you are in world just click “file” on your upper menu bar and choose “upload animation”. ¬†Find the animation that you wish to upload and click it. I upload all of my animations and poses on priority 4. For looped animations check the “loop” box and loop % in at 0.000. For Model poses check the loop box and loop % at 100.00. You may have to play around with some animations. Some of them I made looped at 80% or 90% but I don’t recall which ones.

These animations can be used in AO’s, poseballs or MLP’s. Also you can take them to an animation program and alter them any way that you see fit.


animation-adoringkiss animation-atthepark animation-bathtimefun animation-bffcuddle animation-calmcuddle animation-dance-cherished animation-dance-eternal animation-dance-magicmoments animation-dance-underyourspell animation-dance-wondermentwaltz animation-embracehug animation-foreverhug animation-gettingcomfortable animation-giveflowers animation-hardday animation-imyourskiss animation-making out animation-makingmemories animation-morerandom animation-musical animation-popcorn animation-proposal-sitting animation-proposal-standing animation-radomweird animation-randomAO animation-resting animation-shampoohair animation-sharing secrets animation-shower animation-shutupandkissme animation-singleset1 animation-singleset2 animation-singleset3 animation-singleset4 animation-singleset5 animation-skateandski animation-sofasnuggle animation-soulmate animation-tablekiss animation-tenderness animation-timidkiss animation-tranquil couple animation-watchingsunset animation-you and me animation-zen