These are all my original builds. Click on the picture and download the zipped file. Unzip the file. Import into the grid of your choice using the Imprudence Viewer. Choose “Import + upload” in order to get it imported with the textures on it. NOTE:┬áSome of these will not upload right into SL because of the use of mega prims.


building-weston male shop

building-cottage building-a deck with dock building-bait shop building-arched trellis building-a little store building-beach shack building-chicken coop building-castle building-cabin building-brownstone building-blue bay window store building-beautyshop building-beach villa building-beach spa buildingbuilding-church building-green corner buidling building-gothic grunge store building-gorean arena building-garden room building-double entry building building-departmentstore building-city shoe store building-city flower shopbuilding-greenhouse building-mountainretreat house building-modern beach house building-marble and brick building building-lodge building-large brick building building-large blue building building-lakehouse building-grunge corner storebuilding-red corner buidling building-small shop1 building-small cement store building-slate double entry building building-shabby store building building-sculpty covered deck building-school building building-sandbox building-royal gazebobuilding-small shop2 building-white gazebo building-whisper house teal building-whisper house small building-whisper house large building-western salloon building-western mercantile building-western jail building-western grand hotel building-western general store building-welcome bridge building-village store 9 building-village store 8 building-village store 7 building-village store 6 building-village store 5 building-village store 4 building-village store 3 building-village store 2 building-village store 1 building-village shop with lookout building-village little pink store building-village hut building-villa building-very large building building-urban tattoo parlor building-urban jewelry store building-urban flower shop building-trailer building-tiki cabana building-tan corner store building-tan bay window store building-tall triangle building building-spa building building-snowy gazebo