These are template textures for making clothing. Some kits have a sculptmap texture for hoods, pants cuffs etc. Please see the¬†sculpt¬†page for instructions on how to build the sculpt from the sculptmap texture. To make the clothing click the picture to download the zipped file. Unzip the file. In the folder you will find the template textures. You can take these to your graphics program and modify any way you like or you can upload them into the grid of your choice. Once in world go to your clothing folder in your inventory and right click. Choose the clothing item you would like to make and wear it. Then go to edit appearance on your avatar and click the tab that matches the clothing that you are making (shirt,pants etc.) Apply the texture and “save as”. Name it and you are done.

Sign-ducky pjsSign-Bohemian


sign-ZadarooDressShirt Sign-Zadaroo Leggings Templates

Sign-Zadaroo Blouse Sign-RuffleSweaterTop


Sign-Navi apparel Sign-Gauchos

clothing-allytanks clothing-bellbottomjeans clothing-belbrook tops clothing-beachdress clothing-baseball tops-women clothing-baseball tops-men clothing-assassin clothing-aspenlanetops clothing-asavannah tanksclothing-alltornup clothing- halters clothing- glitter gownsclothing-big pocket pants clothing-linen tops clothing-latex clothing-knittop clothing-kissable clothing-jeans and chaps clothing-hoodie clothing-hampshire halters clothing-flowerpower clothing-featherdancer clothing-dress-rockport summer clothing-dress-northridge clothing-dress-noble lady clothing-dress-lilknit clothing-dovertops clothing-double top clothing-denim clothing-crestval pants clothing-crepe clothing-country girl clothing-corduroys clothing-casualfridaypants clothing-cardigans clothing-canyon city cargos clothing-buttonupsweater clothing-bra and panties clothing-boleros clothing-blockdress clothing-blackleatherjacket clothing-zoomtadamalejeans clothing-zippertop clothing-zipper back top clothing-willowcreek clothing-westonmaletshirts clothing-vnecktop clothing-unisexsweaters clothing-top-buttonup clothing-top corset clothing-togadress clothing-temptressgown clothing-tbacktank clothing-tank1 clothing-swimsuit-tfront clothing-swim-slingshot clothing-swim-onepiece clothing-swim-mens2 clothing-swim-mens1 clothing-swim-mens clothing-swim-bikini2 clothing-swim-bikini1 clothing-sweaters clothing-sportsjacket clothing-sports capris clothing-smockdress clothing-skirt bases clothing-simpledress clothing-silks-rose clothing-silks-lavish clothing-silks-jewel clothing-silks burlapcamisk clothing-sheerstripetop clothing-scarfshirt clothing-retro clothing-pjs clothing-partydress clothing-pantaloonpajamas clothing-neko clothing-minidress clothing-mens-tunics clothing-mensgor clothing-mens tshirts clothing-MavisHalterDress