These are template textures for making costumes. Click the picture to download the zipped file. Unzip the file. In the folder you will find the template textures for the clothing . Some of these also have skin templates and body notecards. You can take these to your graphics program and modify any way you like or you can upload them into the grid of your choice. All of the prim and/or sculpty pieces are in .xml file for you to import using the “import+upload” feature on your viewer.


sign-rainbow babe sign-shore patrol


sign-prison guy sign-prison girlsign-policeman sign-ms mousy sign-honey bunny

sign-nurse sign-emtsign-candy stripersign-doctor2sign-doctor sign-male rag dollsign-female rag doll sign-farmgirlsign-farmboy sign-devilsign-angle sign-construction male sign-construction female sign-bee cool

sign-bee sexysign-angel of death sign-grim reapersign-alien male sign-alien female