Food & Drinks


Click on the picture to download the zipped file. Unzip the folder. Log into the grid of your choice and choose “import + upload” from file on the upper menu bar. Pick the item you want to import and then wait while it builds it in world. Then name it and take it into your inventory. Modify these anyway you wish

.food-apples food-basket of apples

food-beer food-biscotti

food-candy food-canned

food-carrot food-champagne tray

food-chocolate cake food-coconut drink

food-coffee display food-coffee

food-cookies food-espresso

food-hotdog food-lemonade

food-lemonandlimes food-martini tray

food-oranges food-peaches

food-pears food-pies

food-pizza food-potatoes

food-soda food-strawberry