Plants & Landscaping

These are all original builds. Click on the picture and download the zipped file. Unzip the file. Import into the grid of your choice using the Imprudence Viewer. Choose “Import + upload” in order to get it imported with the textures on it. NOTE:┬áSome of these will not upload right into SL because of the use of mega prims.


plant-apple blossom tree plant-cherry blossom tree

plant-fantasy bamboo in planter plant-fantasy plant group

plant-field plants plant-mushrooms

plant-palm arrangement1 plant-palm arrangement2

plant-palm arrangement3 plant-palm

plant-pink dogwood tree plant-pink fantasy tree

plant-potted plant1 plant-potted plant2

plant-potted searle and banana palm plant-roses and daisys

plant-snowy pine plant-summer tree



plant-tree5 plant-underwater

plant-winter tree