These are the sculptmap textures. Not the actual sculpts. Click on the picture to download the zipped file. Unzip the file. You will have a folder of textures. Some will appear to be clear. But you can take them into your sculpt program to edit them or you can upload them to the grid of your choice. To make the sculpt build a prim box in word. In the edit window choose the “object” tab and choose “sculpted” from the “building block type” drop down menu. Click the sculpt texture box in that window and find the sculptmap texture that you want to use.

IMPORTANT: Some of these need to be set on the sphere stitching type drop down menu and others need to be on the “plane” stitching, please read the inclosed notecard in your downloaded folder to know which stitching to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE : When uploading these sculptmaps make sure you check the box for “Use lossless compression”



sculpt-art set sculpt-backpack

sculpt-ball toppers sculpt-banners and balloons

sculpt-bath sculpt-bear

sculpt-bed sculpt-books

sculpt-bunny sculpt-chain links

sculpt-chairs sculpt-corners

sculpt-covered decks sculpt-curtains

sculpt-cushions and pillows sculpt-dishes

sculpt-doorways arched sculpt-fences

sculpt-fruit sculpt-furniture legs

sculpt-furniture-parlor sculpt-hair

sculpt-hats sculpt-jewelry

sculpt-knobs sculpt-mushrooms

sculpt-pants legs sculpt-picnic table

sculpt-pillers sculpt-pockets

sculpt-roofs sculpt-santa hat

sculpt-scarf sculpt-scarves

sculpt-shirt collars sculpt-stairs

sculpt-sweater collars sculpt-tablecloths

sculpt-ties sculpt-trees

sculpt-umbrella table sculpt-vases

sculpt-walkways sculpt-windows arched

sculpt-windows sculpt-wings