These skins all started out using just the base of the wonderful Eloh Eliot templates. I would like to extend my thanks to Ms. Eliot for making them available. I have added layers and layers of shading, new body parts, and other modifications to these make them original. Download the folder. Unzip it. You will find skin templates in the folder. Upload the templates to the grid of your choice. In your inventory right click the body parts folder and choose “create new skin”. Wear that skin and go into edit appearance. Choose the “skin” tab and apply the face, upper and lower body textures and choose “save as”. Give it a name. Or you can take the textures to your graphics program and add even more to them or change the tint/color.

NOTE: These are all .tga and .png textures. The mens have different facial hair templates to choose from.




skin-f7 skin-f6 skin-f5

skin-f4 skin-f3 skin-f2




skin-m1 skin-m2 skin-m3





skin-fantasy-blue skin-fantasy-green skin-fantasy-pink

skin-fantasy-purple skin-fairy1




skin-f-teen-2 skin-f-teen-1

skin-m-teen-1 skin-m-teen-2





skin-f-child-3 skin-f-child2 skin-f-child1

skin-m-child-1 skin-m-child-2 skin-m-child-3