Space Welcome OAR


Note for the new download : This is not in .zip format anymore. I now have this in .tgz format. This means that you can load this without having to unzip it. Just load it as you would an .oar file but instead of putting in filename.oar you willl put in filename.tgz for whatever OAR file you are trying to load. 

I have created this sim using my own builds, animations, textures and such. All of the scripts are opensource and/or Creative Commons.  For instructions on how to load an OAR file go HERE. Below you can see a few snapshots of what the sim looks like.

Take this apart and use just what you need or use the whole sim just as it is. Do anything you want with any of it. It’s all free with no TOS and no Rules With the exception of the furry avatars–read the note below).

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content you offer to your grid. Once you download this you must make sure that you go through it and take out anything that doesn’t fit with the age group for your grid.


There is a problem when trying to download these OAR’s using the Safari web browser. The OAR has the extension of .tgz but when downloaded Safari automatically changes the extension to a .tar 

There are two ways you can handle this problem: 

1. The easier solution is to download the files using a different browser.

2. Or you can use the  Safari browswer if you want to, but you would have to disable this Preferences option: “General > Open “safe” files after downloading”. That prevents Safari from automatically extracting the TAR files from the TGZ files. However, it also prevents opening other files automatically, such as PDF

(special thanks to Ilan Tochner from Kitely for bringing this to my attention and providing me with the help with this issue)




 ~*~ 4,211 Prims ~*~



A little note about why I created this OAR:

This region was created on an Aurora-Sim based grid but it will work fine on an OpenSim based grid as well. It was intended to be the welcome center of a new grid. The grid owners changed direction and didn’t need it after all and so now it is available to anyone that wants to load it. This OAR has all of the avatar attachment points set for AuroraSim which is different than OpenSim points. So if you are using Opensim you will have to adjust these avatar attachments.

The landing area has three buildings like this one. This is the freebie store.
You get 12 starting avatars.
The furry avatars have some parts that are creative commons licensed byTaylor Humby and must contain the copy of the creative commons license as well as the attribution to Taylor Humby as the original creator of the parts. I normally do not put anything on this website that isn’t totally my own creations but Taylor Humbly’s furry avatar parts are so well made and Talyoris so generous to give them out and share them that I wanted to use the parts and add my own textures and sculpty prim pieces and make something to share as well.
Also in the freebie store are free male and female AO’s
There is plenty of space left for you to add your own freebies or for your community to add some.
The information and travel center buildings are empty so you can put landmark signs or information about your grid in these. Or take them down totally or use them for something else. If you’re not going to use this as a welcome center then these can even be houses to live in.
In order to sustain life there needs to be a biodome so this is it.
Inside of the bio-dome it looks “almost” like earth.
Right by the welcome center main area are floating space rocks with sits on them. You or your guests can sit on them and visit with each other and greet the new arrivals to your grid.
This is what the sim looks like from the outside. Not very pretty. But the dome allows you to get the feel of being in space when you are inside of it. You’ll probably want to set this region apart from your other regions.