Western Town OAR


Note for the new download : This is not in .zip format anymore. I now have this in .tgz format. This means that you can load this without having to unzip it. Just load it as you would an .oar file but instead of putting in filename.oar you willl put in filename.tgz for whatever OAR file you are trying to load. 

This is a “Mature” rated sim. It contains cuddles and kiss poseballs.


  I have created this sim using my own builds, animations, textures and such. This is a large file and may take awhile to download.  For instructions on how to load an OAR file go HERE. Below you can see a few snapshots of what the sim looks like.

Take this apart and use just what you need or use the whole sim just as it is. Do anything you want with any of it. It’s all free with no TOS and no Rules. Treat it as your own because once you download it then it will be your own 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content you offer to your grid. Once you download this you must make sure that you go through it and take out anything that doesn’t fit with the age group for your grid.

NOTE: Once the OAR is loaded on your grid you may need to reset scripts in the scripted items (poseballs, rides,  furniture). Edit the item and choose “tools” from the upper menu bar an then choose “reset scripts in selected”.  


There is a problem when trying to download these OAR’s using the Safari web browser. The OAR has the extension of .tgz but when downloaded Safari automatically changes the extension to a .tar 

There are two ways you can handle this problem: 

1. The easier solution is to download the files using a different browser.

2. Or you can use the  Safari browswer if you want to, but you would have to disable this Preferences option: “General > Open “safe” files after downloading”. That prevents Safari from automatically extracting the TAR files from the TGZ files. However, it also prevents opening other files automatically, such as PDF

(special thanks to Ilan Tochner from Kitely for bringing this to my attention and providing me with the help with this issue)





 ~*~ 7,719 Prims ~*~


This is a cute little western town. In this picture you see the general store, Grand Hotel and Saloon. All of the streets are dirt with weeds and wildflowers coming up.
Inside the general store
In the back room are boxes filled with my creations.
The front of the saloon. You can sit on the barrels or the chair and relax. Inside are tables and a bar all ready for your next country western party.
The lobby of the Grand Hotel. All furniture comes with it. What you can’t see are chairs that match the sofas against another wall and a pretty fountain. The counter has a guest sign in book (just decoration – not scripted)
Upstairs of the Grand Hotel are three guest rooms. This is a picture of the suite with a fireplace  and seating area and a cuddle bed.
This is the blue room in the Grand Hotel.
This is the Green room of the Grand Hotel
Behind the town and on top of the hill with wildflowers growing all around is the church.
Behind the church is the cemetary with headstones of those who lived and died here. (or made up names of people from my imagination)
Back through the cemetary and down the hill you come to the undertakers place. With the gallows right beside it. How convenient.
The Gallows with working hanging animation.
The Mercantile. You will find some westernwear and cowboy hats in there.
Off to the side is the barber shop and doctors office. On the other side (not pictured) is the gunsmith and the jail.
Behind the town is long dirt horse trail. There are little places to stop along the way for kissing and cuddling or just to chat. Some of the terrain textures on this sim are the autumn textures that I created with Key Gruin.
The horse trail wraps around the hills for some fantastic views.
At the end of town you can relax at the waterfall. You’ll find birds and frogs an blankets to cuddle on. Not pictured is the gazebo on the hill for romantic dances.
Inside the barber shop. I made some barber chairs with sits.
Inside the doctors office. Upstairs is where the doctor lives. There is a little one room place with a bed, sofa, chair and coffee table.
Looking from above