To download Zoomtada’s just go to the page for the avatar that you would like and click the “download” button. Download the file. Unzip the file.

Once unzipped you will find folders containing textures, sculptmaps, .xml files and informational notecards on how to build the shape, skin and alpha layer for these avatars.

Log into the grid of your choice using the Imprudence Viewer or another viewer that will allow .xml imports and choose “import + upload”. Find the file and click it. Then wait, sometimes attachments have many prims and will take awhile to build. You will need to name it and take it to your inventory. Then from your inventory choose “attach to” (pick the body spot you need to attach it to). Adjust it.

You will need to create the body shape using the instructions on how to do this is in your folder.

And you will need to create an alpha layer to wear (this will hide your avatar body hands and feet so you can wear the zoomtada hands and feet). The textures and instructions are in the folder as well.

Once you have it then it’s yours. Do what you want with it. There are no rules or TOS with these Zoomtada Avatars.

buster6 candi1 celeste2 dot1 floran6 rusty3




Zoomtada’s are mythical characters that lived for many generations in the colorful Zoomtada forest. They are curious creatures and are now out exploring the metaverse to find new and interesting things.

Zoomtada’s are fond (and a bit addicted) to candy so they carry it around attached to their tails at all times.

They have special suckers and chocolate bars that they make in their candy factory.

Just because a Zoomtada is cute and looks sweet don’t assume that they are.   Each one has their own  story and  their own personality.  Just as all residents of the metaverse are unique so are they.